Tap List - Updated 10/20/2021
This changes all of the time.
This list may or may not be accurate...
Can't decide? Try a flight of any four 5oz samples!
1 Average Booster
 temporarily not available  
4.0% Lager  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

Our house beer. Pleasantly light with straw color and a firm white head. This beer has a low ABV to keep you on top of your game. If you typically drink light beer, this one is probably for you. We'll even put a lime in it if you ask nicely.

1 My Mom's Lager
4.0% Lager  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

Our house beer. Pleasantly light with straw color and a firm white head. This beer has a low ABV to keep you on top of your game. If you typically drink light beer, this one is probably for you. We'll even put a lime in it if you ask nicely.

2 Kegler
 temporarily not available  
4.5% Kölsch  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

Pilsner malt and noble hops combine in this crisp, clean, classic German-style ale. Lederhosen not required.

2 Picket Fence
 Coming Soon  
4.5% Cream Ale  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

Classic session beer. The American version of a German Lager. Smooth, light and thirst invoking.

3 The Messenger
4.5% Golden Blonde   [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

Sunshine in a glass. Fresh malt flavor in a light approachable ale. Delicious even if you didn't just finish mowing the lawn. 

4 Sandbagger
4.9% Belgian Wheat  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

Slightly hazy, with that classic Belgian "banana" yeast flavor and aroma. This beer has late addition bitter orange peel and crushed coriander. Served with a slice of orange.

5 Oktoberfest
 Sold Out - release date 9/2022  
Märzenbier Style  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

A delicate balance of seven different malts create a rich sophisticated beer with a firm golden head. Come get it while supplies last - it's going fast.

6 Greek Church
 new release 
5.5% Amber Ale  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

A really pleasant, malty ale, which isn't an easy thing to find in a world of IPAs. Surprisingly sessionable despite the slightly higher ABV. If you like Yuengling, you'll probably go for this.

7 The Munson
5.5% Brown Mild  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

The outcast. Not commonly found around here, this beer falls somewhere between an amber and a stout. Think Newcastle or English Bitter. If you are in the mood for something different, give this one a try. 

8 Deadwood
5.8% Pale Ale  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

A beautiful golden orange to amber beer with a rich, full-bodied balance of malt and hops. 

9 The Anchor
5.7% IPA  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

We know a lot of you don't really like IPA, and that's OK. But this one is meant to be quaffable. It's a throwback to the IPA style before the IPA craze took over. It's a juicy blend of citrus and tropical fruit, with a smooth medium body. Be not afraid.

10 The Ten Pin
 temporarily not available  
6.6% Dry Irish Stout  [12oz.$5 - 5oz.$2.5]

In the "Guinness Style", this beer is rich, dry and thirst invoking. There are no additions to this recipe, but you'll taste chocolate and coffee from the roasted malts. Even people who don't like dark beer seem to love this one.

10 Pumpkin Ale
 new release 
Spiced Fruit Ale  [12oz.$6 - 5oz.$3]

More cookie than pie. We brewed up 36 pounds of pumpkin in a "pale-er" than usual pumpkin beer - light on the spice. Our goal was an orange beer with subtle but lingering cinnamon and vanilla after-taste. It tastes more like beer than pumpkin spice, which is a good thing. Mmmmm.

11 The Dude
7.9% Belgian Tripel  [12oz.$5 - 5oz.$2.5]

Such a drinkable beer for such a high ABV; be careful with this one! The Belgian character shows through with a bit of heat and sweetness from the alcohol. By definition (triple), this beer has 3x the grain bill of a typical beer, so look for a nice strong malty backbone complimented by delicate hop bitterness. 

12 Double Wood
 temporarily not available  
8.5% Double IPA  [12oz.$5 - 5oz.$2.5]

Even we can't resist the trend. This beer boasts over 1 oz of hops per gallon, consisting of Summit, Centennial, Cascade and Willamette. For those of you counting, it clocks in around 120 IBU. So yeah, it's pretty hoppy. 

12 Foundation
 new release 
6.7% IPA  [12oz.$6 - 5oz.$3]

A bright gold ale with a decent dose of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade hops. The Chinook provides some piney bitterness, while the other two follow up with grapefruit and citrus flavors. Very approachable. 


Bourbon Barrel Porter
 Release: Friday, 11/19/21  
Porter  [12oz.$6 - 5oz.$3]

A winter-time classic. Rich and dark. Aged on bourbon soaked oak chips. 

Winter Ale
 Late 2021/Early 2022  
Seasonal strong ale  [12oz.$6 - 5oz.$3]

Still working on this recipe. Definitely going to be a rich amber with ginger and cinnamon. Maybe Cherry or Vanilla too. Or both. 

Lemongrass Wheat
 Summer 2022  
4.5% American Wheat  [16oz.$5 - 5oz.$2]

We stole this idea when we heard that Jess' favorite beer was no longer in distribution. It's an American wheat beer with lemongrass, crushed coriander, bitter orange peel and crushed black peppercorns. Surprisingly refreshing. If you live around here, you might recognize it.


Please note that Pennsylvania Law prohibits outside consumption of anything we serve that isn't made by Scrubby's. So Please do not leave the taproom with any of the following. Sorry.
Wines by Allegro (5oz. glass)
Sauvignon Blanc - $7.00
Crisp, clean and fruity white wine. Dry, with no oak. Served chilled.
Merlot/Chambourcin Blend - $7.00
Dry, red, and barrel aged. A french classic blended with a local varietal.
Punk- $5.00
Straight up grape juice. If you like it sweet, you will love this.
Other Pennsylvania Stuff in Cans (served in a glass)
Yueingling Lager - $4.00 (12 oz)
This is PA after all, and we know, some of you gotta have it.
Yueingling Premium Light - $3.50 (12 oz)
For those light beer drinkers out there.
PA IPA Selections - $7.00 (16 oz)
A selection of hoppy, hazy, dank IPAs from around the keystone state.
Levity Brewing Company:
Boysenberry Sour - $7.00 (16 oz)
For those of you who like it a little tart.
Faber Escape Goat Seltzers:
Orange Crush or Grapefruit Crush - $6.00 (12 oz)
Made with real vodka - Just like being at the beach.
Wyndridge Farm Ciders - $5.00 (12 oz)
Don't like wine or beer? How about a fresh cider! Ask us what we've got. We try to stock original, black cherry, apples and oranges and cranberry.

Water - $1.00

I've heard of it. Supposed to be pretty good for you.

If there is a Pennsylvania produced wine, cider or malt beverage that you would like us to carry, please let us know. We plan on stocking a selection of canned goods that will include hazy IPAs, Sours, Seltzers and other odd-ball stuff that we don't make ourselves.

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