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For those of you who don't like beer, try a can of our hard teas, lemonades or fruit drinks. We also have The Bumper, our sparkling seltzer, on draft with a bunch of fun flavors for you to choose from. The Dude abides.



Below is a list of what you might find on tap at Scrubby's. We try to keep this as current as possible - sorry if it is out of date.



TAP #1: Pilsner Ale [4.3%abv]

Our house beer. Pleasantly light with straw color and a firm white head. This beer has a low ABV to keep you on top of your game. If you typically drink light beer, this one is probably for you. We'll even put a lime in it if you ask nicely.

The Messenger

TAP #2: Golden Blonde [4.5%abv]

Sunshine in a glass. Fresh malt flavor in a light approachable ale. Delicious even if you didn't just finish mowing the lawn. 


TAP #3: Belgian Wheat [4.5%abv]

Slightly hazy, with that classic Belgian "banana" yeast flavor and aroma. This beer has late addition bitter orange peel and crushed coriander. The head is brilliant white and lingering. 


TAP #5: American Pale Ale [5.5%abv]

A beautiful golden orange to amber beer with a rich, full-bodied balance of malt and hops. 

The Munson

TAP #6: Brown Mild [5.6%abv]

The outcast. Not commonly found around here, this beer falls somewhere between an amber and a stout. Think Newcastle or English Bitter. If you are in the mood for something different, give this one a try.

Murkey Haze

TAP #7: Hazy India Pale Ale [4.6%abv]

Flaked oats, barley and wheat provide the haze to this session-style NEIPA. All of the hops are added post-boil which impart a fresh aromatic burst of hops without the bitterness. 

The Anchor

TAP #8: India Pale Ale [6.5%abv]

We know a lot of you don't really like IPA, and that's OK. But this one is meant to be quaffable. It's a throwback to the IPA style before the IPA craze took over. It's a juicy blend of citrus and tropical fruit with a smooth medium body. Be not afraid.

The Foundation

TAP #9: India Pale Ale [6.7%abv]

This beer was developed specifically to slow down the sales of The Anchor. Now they go head to head. A showcase of the "C" hops - kinda like a hazy IPA minus the haze.

The Ten Pin

TAP #10: Dry Irish Stout [5.5%abv]

In the "Guinness Style", this beer is rich, dry and thirst invoking. There are no additions to this recipe, but you'll taste chocolate and coffee from the roasted malts. Even people who don't like dark beer seem to love this one.

The Dude

TAP #11: Belgian Tripel [8.0%abv]

Such a drinkable beer for such a high ABV; be careful with this one!  The Belgian character shows through with a bit of heat and sweetness from the alcohol. By definition (triple), this beer has 3x the grain bill of a typical beer, so look for a nice strong malty backbone complimented by delicate hop bitterness. 

The Gutterball

TAP #12: Sour Fruit Series [4.7%abv]

Our sour beer dosed with fresh fruit puree in every keg. Check our facebook page for the current selection.


Here are some beers that we've made in the past. There just isn't enough room in the taproom to carry all of them.

The Kegler

Kölsch [4.5%abv]

Pilsner malt and noble hops combine in this crisp, clean, classic German-style ale. Lederhosen not required.

Picket Fence

Cream Ale  [4.6%abv]

Easy drinking Summertime session beer. Due to the popularity of The Messenger (see below), we rarely make this beer.

King Pin

American Wheat [4.5%abv]

Similar to Blue Moon. Slightly cloudy, light and refreshing. Brewed with bitter orange peel and crushed coriander. Served with an orange wedge.

Greek Church

Amber Ale [5.7%abv]

A really pleasant, malty ale, which isn't an easy thing to find in a world of IPAs. Surprisingly sessionable despite the slightly higher ABV. If you like Yuengling, you'll probably go for this.

Double Wood

Double IPA [9.9%abv]

Even we can't resist the trend. This beer boasts over 1 oz of hops per gallon, consisting of Summit, Centennial, Cascade and Willamette. For those of you counting, it clocks in around 120 IBU. So yeah, it's pretty hoppy. Due to the popularity of Foundation and Anchor, this beer rarely sees the taproom anymore.

Look for these Seasonal Specialty Beers

Bourbon Barrel Porter
Release: winter

A winter-time classic. Rich and dark. Aged on bourbon soaked oak chips. 

Winter Ale (Deck the Balls)
Release: winter

A warm savory blend of ginger, cinnamon and vanilla on a bed of rich dark malt. We added a ton of honey to the fermentation to boost the ABV and add complexity. The result is a gingersnap in a glass.

Lemongrass Wheat
Release: summer

We stole this idea when we heard that Jess' favorite beer was no longer in distribution. It's an American wheat beer with lemongrass, crushed coriander, bitter orange peel and crushed black peppercorns. Surprisingly refreshing. If you live around here, you might recognize it.


Release: september

A delicate balance of seven different malts create a rich sophisticated beer with a firm golden head. The 2021 batch ran out in record time, so be sure to come get some while supplies last.

Irish Red

Release: St. Patrick's Day

A rich dark amber ale, full of malt and toasty goodness. 

Pumkin Ale

Release: fall

Not a mouth full of spices. We use 38 pounds of pumpkin puree in an 80G batch. That's pretty rich. We added cinnamon and just a touch of nutmeg and allspice. The spice is meant to be subtle - even people that say they don't like pumpkin beer seem to like it.

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